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The train journey into Sydney International Airport on Wednesday morning was excellent with Kate’s help at Lindfield. It wasn’t worth trying to get into the airport in the car in the rush hour, especially when the train service is so good.

I thought Sydney airport was much busier than I’d remembered it but perhaps it was the time of day. In any event, there was time to sit and recover from the long security queue and the journey itself was long enough to enjoy a couple of movies which made the time pass really quickly.

With Adam in Myanmar and Jan at work, I took a taxi to their apartment along the very attractive route from the airport. I was met by their nanny, Marj, and caught my first sign of Cameron. Nearly one year old he’s a very sturdy young fellow and was pretty cautious about me, to begin with. But he was soon as good as his word, or his bib’s, that is) and we became good friends.

Jan and I didn’t have much time for chats on Wednesday evening because we were both very tired and went to bed at about the same time as Cameron did, but Jan came home especially early on Thursday afternoon and we went off to the swimming pool at a club they frequent from time to time. Cameron is a very strong young man and his breaststroke leg action was extremely powerful. He clearly loves the water too and has absolutely zero fear.

No sooner had Jan lifted him onto the edge of the pool but he was ‘diving’ back in with gay abandon!

Swim over, we had dinner while Cameron socialized with the other children there and even had a moment to spare for a quick chat with his Grammy.

By the time we got home, it was bedtime for everyone again. Jan had lots of sleep to catch up on and I was on an early flight the next day, bound for Yangon to meet up with Adam.  There was just time, though, for a quick goodbye from my beautiful grandson before I left for the airport.

Singapore - 28-29 October 2015

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