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On Wednesday morning, Jan had to leave us to travel to Bangkok for work.

She left at about 9.00 am, leaving Adam, Cam and I to leave at 10.00 am to return to Taunggyi office again, this time so that I could do a couple of hours of team training with the PRIME staff who work there and so that Adam could effectively return to work after our lovely holiday together. The office is situated in an elevated position and has a good view over the surrounding area.

What a delightful crowd they were and even though not everyone has perfect English, we managed just fine and they said they enjoyed the experience (what else could they possibly say?!) In the hope that they would all be able to understand it, I left them a copy of my book, ‘It’s your thoughts that count’ to reinforce the message and they seemed delighted.

At 3.00 pm we were driven to Heho airport for the return flight to Yangon. This was a similar experience to that on the way out except that now we had a baby with us, it was a different time of day, the weather was very hot and so was the plane. We were very glad when we landed at Yangon and could cool down again. As before a PRIME driver met us and whisked us off to the Yangon office where we had a quiet evening and cooked ourselves a simple meal.

The PRIME team in Taunggyi - 11 November 2015

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