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Sunday was a lovely family day and we paid a visit to the Botanical Gardens.

The rain was threatening but it didn’t stop us all from having a good walk around and a play in some of the areas designated for children. Some of them will be better when Cameron is just a little older but there were others where he could take a look, provided Mummy or Daddy was close by.

Adam and Jan took him out again in the afternoon to a play area where he had a great time with another little one-year-old but I had to confess that it was just too humid for me to venture out again so I stayed in the cool of the apartment until early evening when we all went out for a drink at a bar across the road.

On Monday, Jan went off to work and Adam and I took Cam to the club they frequent so that he could have a bit of a play with the other littlies who also go there. But there was a rather rough little boy there so we decided that we might be better off at the supermarket, stocking up for the days ahead.

Adam left for meetings after lunch and Marg, Cam’s nanny, and I enjoyed him for the rest of the afternoon.

We all enjoyed a lovely final family evening and dinner together, glad that we’ll all be together again in New Zealand early in the New Year. I can't wait to see how much Cameron will have grown in the next six weeks - he'll probably be running everywhere by then!

Singapore - 15 and 16 November 2015

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