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Workshop and Conference Facilitator

You may want me to facilitate a meeting, a conference or a seminar for you, either in New Zealand or overseas. I can help to ensure that the process runs smoothly and effectively.

I can work my ‘magic’ with your team in many ways. Here are some of the elements I facilitate:

Understanding how values impact on behaviourListening in ways you may not have thought of beforeBuilding rapport to establish better working relationshipsAsking effective questions to achieve clarity and avoid re-workLeading, delegating and evaluating in ways that motivateLearning to understand what your audiences want when you presentPlanning with a differenceMaking powerful decisionsWorking smarter, not harderWorking in harmony with colleagues, clients and customersManaging conflict and ceasing to be confronted by it

Individuals with these skills will experience a much more harmonious and effective working environment, which will impact directly on your organization’s bottom line.

Much of this ‘magic’ comes from my experience as an international hockey player. Although eons ago, I can still remember playing a game for the East of England and the magic of weaving my way through two forwards in the North of England team!

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Later, when I qualified as a professional hockey coach, I developed a philosophy that helped team members to communicate better in ways that often led to a ‘win’. Later I found that this was just as relevant in the corporate environment. I will gladly share this ‘secret’ with your team. It’s so obvious and it makes a real difference.

You’ll want your team to be the best they can be. I’ve been a team player all my life. I love to bring out the best in individuals and create winning teams. I was lucky enough to be part of the firm's tennis team who won the corporate business house league in the 1990’s when each member won a trip to Fiji.

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Peter Feist, Wendy Betteridge, Paul Gibson, Neil Billington, Robert Armstrong (Captain) Barry Boon

I played hockey for an unbeaten England. My first game was played against Scotland on the hallowed turf of Murrayfield in Scotland. Other worthy hockey opponents have included South Africa and Australia. I can well understand the sporting psyche that exists in many countries of wanting to win against the best.

I was a member of the South of England basketball squad and played in the qualifying tournament for Junior Wimbledon. I’ve coached several sports teams of varying standards to winning positions in their leagues. I’m living proof of the power of the ‘mental edge’. Better still, I know how to instil that edge in others.

After playing representative sport continuously through two decades, I sustained a serious knee injury and thought I would have to give up sport completely. To my complete delight, I discovered a new sport, Association Croquet, in 2000. In 2002 I had a total knee replacement and in 2003, I collected a sack full of trophies. The mental edge was still there.

What does all this mean to you?

I bring an ethic of excellence to everything I do. Being ‘second best’ always provides an opportunity to do better. People who play sport internationally know what it is to work hard and get along with others. I know about ‘team’.

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