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Workshop Facilitator

WendyWendy is a skilful facilitator, whether for a meeting, a conference or a seminar, either in New Zealand or overseas. She can help to ensure that the process runs smoothly and effectively.

Where teamwork is required, Wendy can work her ‘magic’ with your team with one of the many workshops she designs.

Much of this ‘magic’ comes from Wendy’s experience as an international hockey player. England remained unbeaten when she was in the team.

Although it was many, many years ago, she can still remember playing a game for the East of England and the magic of weaving her way through the incoming forwards in the North of England team!

Workshop faciliatorWendy understands the sporting psyche of wanting to win, having won teams like South Africa and Australia. When Wendy qualified as a professional hockey coach she developed a philosophy that helped team members to communicate better in ways that often led to a ‘win’. She has found that this is just as relevant in the corporate environment. She will gladly share this ‘secret’ with your team.

Wendy brings an ethic of excellence to everything she does. Coming second always provides an opportunity to do better. People who play sport internationally know what it is to work hard and get along with others. She knows about ‘teamwork’.

“I have known Wendy for many years and she has regularly given presentations and training programmes to organisations with whom I have been associated. As a speaker, Wendy displays a strong empathy with her audience. She conveys complex concepts in a language and manner relevant to the receiving audience. She is able to adjust and change presentations in a seamless way where she recognises that an alternate approach would better serve the audience. Wendy is able to command respect and create a non-threatening environment in which people learn and can extend their skills. Wendy’s presentations convey an enthusiasm for her subject which takes an audience with her, a skill many presenters and public speakers fail to have”.
Sue Veart – Former General Manager Strategic Policy, Porirua City Council, New Zealand

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