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Workshop designer

Wendy can design a workshop to suit the needs of your leaders or managers that will be truly relevant to your participants.

Wendy has a portfolio of workshops for leadership and management training. Here are some of the workshops she has designed and facilitated in the past:

  • Understanding how values impact on behaviour
  • Listening in ways you may not have thought of before
  • Building rapport to establish better working relationships
  • Asking effective questions to achieve clarity and avoid re-work
  • Leading, delegating and evaluating in ways that motivate
  • Learning to understand what your audiences want when you present
  • Planning with a difference
  • Making powerful decisions
  • Working smarter, not harder
  • Working in harmony with colleagues, clients and customers
  • Managing conflict and ceasing to be confronted by it

Individuals with these skills will experience a much more harmonious and effective working environment, which will impact directly on your organization’s bottom line.

Wendy has begun to make some of these workshops into workbooks where the skills can be learnt individually and don’t rely on facilitation in a group. They provide a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. The first, Presentation Skills Workbook, is available here.

“Thank you for facilitating the planning and team building conference for my team late last year. The entire team found it a refreshing and positive experience, and the teambuilding exercises were especially well received. You have a great skill; at imparting knowledge and leaving the audience with the clear message they need to receive.

“Your openness, humour, and life experience all added vital ingredients to your obvious talent at speaking”.
Chris McDermott - ICT Manager, FishServe, Wellington

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