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How many times has a friend said to you, 'This is my vision but it'll never happen'?

You can reassure them, encourage them, cajole them, give them every reason under the sun why their plan will work, but there are so many variables connected to their plan that they simply can't allow themselves to believe in it. They work hard but it's all taking so long and it's easy for them to lose hope.

It's fair to say that the best dream we can have is one that is expressed in the positive and over which we have total control. 'If it's to be it's up to me'. It's not up to the boss, or my co-workers, my family, my friends, the Government or anyone else. But other dreams come true too ...

We have amazing people within our community (and in many other communities around the world) who have dreams to make changes, changes that they can prove will make life better for so many people. These people deserve medals. Instead, they receive many knock-backs. They have so many hurdles to jump. If any of them was normal, they'd probably give up. One of the worst things they have to face is the fact that other lesser mortals simply can't grasp their vision and, if they do, they express real doubt that the hurdles and boulders in the way are surmountable.

People with vision need huge strength of character and enormous resolve. They can't be sure that their dream will become a reality, but they can help by remaining confident, certain in the knowledge that what they want to happen will happen.  

And when the day comes that someone who can influence the vision puts out a helping hand, that's when the stars align and hope resurfaces. That's what keeps them going. That gives them the strength to keep working on the vision, in the sure and certain knowledge that one day they will see the difference they have made, just by having the vision. 

If you meet one of these people, help them to keep their hope, like a blinding light, always in the forefront of their mind.

It's your thoughts that count - when your stars align

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