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Have you ever ‘stood to one side of yourself’ and noticed that you are ‘this’ person in one situation and ‘that’ person in a different situation?

I was lucky enough to spend several hours the other day catching up with a very treasured friend. We are both busy people and don’t seem to get free time at the same time to catch up, so it was a very special day.

We talked about things that we’d never spent time talking about before and probably delved back into memories that we’d tucked away and almost forgotten about.

As we talked, it became clear that we had both experienced quite ‘deep and meaningful’ episodes in our lives when we had been aware that we had just been and behaved differently from how most people would have thought we would be or behave.

We all know that we’re made up of different parts. They’re all present in our brains and bodies but some parts rise to the surface in some situations, often at times spent with one person or group of people, and other parts rise to the surface at other times, often with a different person or group of people.

Sometimes this is very liberating. We can just feel that a different part of ourselves is present and we are just who we are. We don’t have to be the person that others might expect us to be. We don’t have to stand on ceremony or behave in a certain way. Some people might say, ‘oh, she’s not quite herself today’, or ‘that’s a side of her I’ve never seen’, but it’s possible that this is our true self and the masks we wear when we face the world are not who we truly are, deep down.

It’s a bit like dancing in the moonlight with gay abandon and embracing a powerful inner force.

Have you ever done that? Now there’s a thought …

It's your thoughts that count - when you're truly yourself

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