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The sun came out today. It's a refreshing change after what feels like days and days of rain. I had been meaning to go out yesterday but I took one look at the sky and thought better of it! It was a beautiful sight but I didn't fancy getting caught in the front that was approaching from the south.

But today was different. There'd been a frost overnight and the air was cold but the sky was blue and the Inlet pathway beckoned. I set off for my daily walk which has now increased to about 4km - to Paremata Bridge and back. It's a joyful experience because I go at different times of the day, depending on other commitments, so I meet different people and different dogs and experience the tide at different stages.  

But before I got as far as the Pathway, I met a comparatively new neighbour and her very little daughter and we fell into conversation. She and her family live no more than 100 metres from me and yet this was the first time we'd stopped to chat. We'd had the odd wave, but a chat? it was such a pleasure. As we talked, we realised that, between us, we knew a large number of our neighbours. She knew some I didn't know and vice versa. What a good idea we both thought to gather them all up and have a get-together. Where could this lead?

We both hope that will lead to more opportunities to take the time to 'stand and stare' rather than rushing around as we seem to do, opening our garage doors and driving away with just a passing wave. This certainly gets us where we're going, usually to meet the friends and colleagues we meet on a regular basis. But what about the opportunity we're missing to meet new friends on our very doorsteps.

Now there's a thought ...


It's your thoughts that count - when you meet a new neighbour

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