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It's your thoughts that count - in your life

In your life 2

About 20 years ago I didn't know much about computers.

About 10 years ago I heard about emails and thought they sounded rather alarming. I'll never be able to master that, I thought! Just recently I began to hear about blogs. This was a new mystery. Would I ever dare to master this? Now there's a limiting thought!

Who knows? But here's my first sortie into blogging. I hope you enjoy it.

Many people believe that there are things they can't do. And, of course, they're right - some of the time!

But what a lot of people don't seem to realise is that their brain doesn't know what it can't do until they tell it. And we tell our brains all sorts of things that are really not helpful. Things like - 'I can't speak in public' or 'I'll never be good enough to do this thing or that thing'. And we convince ourselves that this is the truth.

In your lifeHowever, if we were to start telling our brains all the things we can do, or could do, then amazing things could start to happen in our lives. Things we never dreamed possible.

As the weeks and months ahead unfold, I'd like to share with you some of the incredible things I hear every day of my life. Things that other people say out loud (which, of course, their brains hear) really sadden me. I'd love to help people to make their thoughts count (by changing them and, consequently, their language) so that they can achieve greater happiness and fulfilment.

It's your thoughts that count - in your life

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