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It's your thoughts that count - in self-esteem

Who are we? When our self-esteem is high, we sometimes think of ourselves as Superman or Wonder Woman! We can walk on water, scale tall buildings with a single jump, create opportunities for ourselves, respond to challenges. We have a purpose in life and we can move forward, always keeping that purpose at the front of our minds.

It's a very different story when our self-esteem is low. We cringe from the spotlight, know for certain that we haven't got any light to hide under a bushel, avoid interaction with others and wonder where we're going in life.

But we're still the same person all the time, aren't we?

Oh yes! We're still the same person, but we've allowed our thoughts to limit us. We've given our thoughts permission to deny our capabilities. And it seems so real, doesn't it? Suddenly, we're hopeless, helpless and worthless. These three areas can exert a great deal of influence in respect of our mental and physical health. Oh dear! So what can we do about it?

Remember that it's our thoughts that count. At times like this, it's good to remember what we felt like when we thought we were Superman or Wonder Woman. Where did that person go? They can't have gone very far because it was only the other day, wasn't it?

So the thing to do is to bring that person back! Remember how it felt to be Superman or Wonder Woman. And as soon as we do, we find that the hopeless, helpless and worthless person begins to feel more positive. We might even find that we're laughing at ourselves.

It's no fun being hopeless, helpless and worthless for very long. For one thing, it limits the magnificent contribution we can all make to the world by being Superman or Wonder Woman. The opportunity to make a difference ...

It's your thoughts that count - in self esteem

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