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It's your thoughts that count - in leadership

So much is written about leadership. But what qualities do true leaders really display? There's lots of complex corporate jargon written about leadership, but I think it's simpler than that. I believe that a true leader walks the talk and leads by example. I think you can pick them a mile off. You don't even have to know that they are the CEO of this company, or the Managing Director of that organisation or the most generous and kind person in the community. They lead. They inspire you to follow. They're usually very busy people, but they take time to listen, to show they care and, most importantly, to take action to help the people they're leading.

Richard Calkin owns Web Genius Limited. Web Genius is a web marketing company and Richard is a really talented web marketer. When I embarked on this new (to me) technical adventure of blogging, after years in the technological wilderness, Richard became my mentor. Within moments of my posting my first Blog entry, Richard's comment was on my site. He wrote words of encouragement. His words instantly inspired me to post a second entry.

The mark of a true leader.

It's your thoughts that count - in leadership

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