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Who is Wendy Betteridge?

Wendy is best known as a leader, an author, and a community mentor.

If you are looking for inspiration, achievement, leadership or just a good role model, meet Wendy.

She provides an inspirational message for men and women everywhere to take control of their thoughts and make their dreams a reality.

Wendy played hockey for an unbeaten England, basketball in the South of England squad and tennis in the qualifying tournament for Junior Wimbledon. She has coached several sports teams of varying standards to winning positions in their leagues. She is living proof of the power of the ‘mental edge’. Better still, she knows how to instill that edge in others…

She is an accomplished international speaker. She has published her first book and is gaining recognition as an author. Her book is called ‘It’s your thoughts that count’

When Wendy left her home in England with four small children and boldly moved to New Zealand, she had no idea that her new paradise would transform her life in every way.

With the four children well established and independent in occupations all over the world, she set course for a different future that could potentially transform the lives of thousands. She had planned to return to the workplace, get a job, work and begin the steady climb to the top of some corporate ladder. She figured that this would be the ticket to a more secure life.

However, while working for a major law firm in a job she loved, she found that being an employee wasn’t her long-term dream. She realised that she wanted to use her coaching skills to help people everywhere to realise their full potential. She wanted to leave a legacy so she set up her training and development business which she called, Lasting Impact.

That’s when her dream began to become a reality. And it was during this time that she wrote her first book and her first workbook.

Now, many years later, Wendy is embarking on a new dream, that of working with as many people as possible within the City in which she lives in the hope of helping them to work collaboratively. Quite recently a good friend described her as an 'enabler', helping people and organisations to work together so that lives are transformed. Her hope is to help people, particularly young people, to develop a good, vibrant, thriving and robust community for all, with strong and sustainable online connectivity.

Do you want to transform your life?

Read Wendy’s book, study her workbooks, subscribe to her blogs and realise that, if you give your brain the right messages and work really, really hard, you too can live your dream.




‘Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meanings can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.’

Martin Luther King Jr., American Baptist Minister and Civil Rights Leader 1929-1968

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